Problems with some Google Services after Transition from Personal to Google Apps?

Then read on… I finally decided to spend some time on this and cracked it in about 30-40 minutes.

I had issues trying to get the Picasa Web Albums working logging in from Picasa for Windows, although I expect this will affect all platforms.

Update: 02/11/2011
It turns out that both Picasa and Google+ were having issues, both resolved with the method below.
Obviously I take no responsibility if you mess up / lose / delete your data by accident. At your own risk. 

The intro:
When first trying to log in to Google+ a few moons ago, I noticed that I couldn’t yet log in as my Google Apps account was in transition from the old service to the new upgraded service. Once the transition was complete, I still couldn’t log in but I didn’t think anything of it until recently when I couldn’t log into the Google Picasa Web albums.

The problem:
Problems arise when you have your own non-Google email address (for example signed up to some Google services before moving this email address to a Google Apps account at a later date.

It looks like Google’s automatic transitioning methods don’t always work 100% and miss out a few things when doing its business.

The problem then presented to the end user comes about when you are trying to log in to Picasa or Google+ (or whatever it is you’re having issues with) with this email address because the login process is trying to look at your old profile in its ‘personal’ pre-Google apps state.

The fix:
Open up a web browser and navigate to (alternatively go to and go to the login screen link at the top right). If you are currently logged in to an account, log out.

Now login as you would with your Google Apps account details but using the following username:
Take your google apps address, replace the @ with a % and add
So I would be:

The site will complain that your ‘personal’ and apps accounts clash and that you need to either:
– Move your ‘personal’ data to brand new Gmail account
– Delete your old pre-Google state account

Even if you have already made a transition on this address in the past you must do this to get all existing information disconnected from this account.

If you have any information that you want to keep, follow the instructions to create a new account to move it all to.
On the flipside, I deleted mine as it was just the remainder of the collateral bumph of that existed before it became a google apps account. IE: useless junk that has nothing to do with my current Google Apps account contents.

Once you have moved or deleted this data, you can then log in properly to any Google services with your proper Google Apps account details as normal.


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