BBC iPlayer

For the TV-obsessed Brits The BBC iPlayer is, let’s face it, awesome. Apart from the clunky Adobe Air driven shed that is the iPlayer App,it’s a brilliant way for people like me who can’t spend all hours of every day glued in front of the TV set. My only gripe is the DRM that plagues the downloads from the iPlayer. The DRM means I can’t port my downloaded media to, say, my LG Viewty or BlackBerry or my EeePC running Linux Mint.

In light of this I discovered a nifty app called get_iplayer. Okay, so the guy didn’t think to make up a creative name for his program but it’s made up for by the awesomeness that surpasses everything.

As get_iplayer is a command-based tool, it’s not very noob friendly and the best get_iplayer guis I’ve seen are all on Linux. So I decided to knock up one of my own that lets you, in short, view the programme list, pick a programme and download it.

Click here for more info and to download the first release so far.

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